University of Augsburg – Institute of Materials Resource Management – Resource Lab

The University of Augsburg was founded in 1970. It is one of the new, modern universities in Germany with approximately 20,000 students. The University of Augsburg has participated in European funded research projects within several framework programs and obtained a total of 21 FP7 projects (mostly collaborative projects, but also Marie Curie and an ERC projects). As well as projects funded in FP7, the University of Augsberg has also participated in a number of Lifelong Learning Projects and projects funded by structural and regional funds are of particular interest.

The University of Augsburg has a focus on Materials Engineering and Resource Management. These activities are localised at the Materials Resource Management Institute (MRM). The MRM focuses on the development and eco-efficient implementation of strategic, renewable functional materials, processes, products and technologies. The Resource Lab of the MRM, which was initiated by Prof. Axel Tuma and Prof. Armin Reller, focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary projects combining economic and material engineering issues. Axel Tuma is an expert in Production and Supply Chain Management. His main interest of research is the configuration and coordination of closed loop supply chains in order to establish a circular economy. Armin Reller is a specialist in Resource Strategy. Both work on concepts for a circular economy and the design of closed loop supply chains and are the founders of the research group Resource Lab.

The Resource Lab has coordinated and been involved in a number of projects within the fields of critical assessment, sustainable resource management, closed loop supply chain management and waste management. As well as collaborations with international and national scientific partners the Resource Lab also works together with industry and communities. The transdisciplinary approach enables a more accurate prediction of the potential of new products and technologies at an early stage. The development of circular economy concepts, including the collection of used products and waste, leads to a resource and energy efficient society.

Role in REHAP

As leader of the work package 1 “Waste Management” the Resource Lab of the University of Augsburg work on the following tasks:

  • State-of-the-Art regarding waste management
  • Forecasting of future waste arisings in agriculture and forestry
  • Location and transport planning
  • Elaboration of roadmaps for waste management integration in REHAP processes