CARTIF is a horizontal, private and non-profit technology center. Its mission is to offer innovative solutions to companies to improve their processes, systems and products, improving their competitiveness and creating new business opportunities.

CARTIF develops R&D projects, directly funded by companies or public funds raised through competitive calls at a national and international level. CARTIF also advises public authorities (municipalities and regional governments) in the planning and development of innovative projects with high economic returns.

The Center maintains the same values and objectives as it did when it was founded in 1994, its priority is placed on contributing to the development of its social and economic environment through the use and encouragement of technological innovation via the development and diffusion of research.

Its disciplinary teams work in five areas of knowledge that correspond to different economic and technological sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructures, agrofood and health and quality of life.

CARTIF will be responsible for the Elaboration of roadmaps for technology and product stream integration. This task will also include the mapping of the biorefinery value chain and technology specifications and requirements, for the completion of roadmaps.

The definition of the roadmap structure and scope will include the assessment of the potential for the integration of the project results within existing and future biorefinery value chains, where the techno-economic viability will be taken into account.

CARTIF will also participate in determining the required quality of the biomass used and the establishment of a production plan which will define the minimum amount to be produced between different WP and specifications. This task will be key to the success in controlling and managing material and product flows.