COLLANTI CONCORDE is a chemical company specialising in the production of chemical agents, special glues and adhesives for the construction sector. Today, its primary objective is the production of environmentally friendly chemical agents and adhesives, targeting also the protection of human health.

COLLANTI has over 30 years of experience in the development of specialty products for the construction sector and has a well-established research and quality department. The company has participated  in previous collaborative research and has a wide network of contacts in the sector.

Main activities in REHAP Project:

  • COLLANTI CONCORDE will be involved in development of guidelines for BioPU monomers for PU adhesives and identification of key requirements, according to own experience into the field of  industrial adhesives.
  • COLLANTI CONCORDE will support other partners by application the novel bioproducts in a real case with the bio products information and reproduction of the novel materials.