CROMOGENIA-UNITS, S.A. (CUSA) was founded in Barcelona in 1942 and took the name after its main activity at that time, namely, the manufacture of chrome salts and derivatives. Nowadays CROMOGENIA-UNITS, S.A. is a leading supplier of specialty and algae derived chemicals. The aim of CROMOGENIA-UNITS is to design, produce and market products meeting the real requirements that people have and ultimately helping to improve their quality of life. Its growth strategy is focused on the development of specialty chemicals for the industrial sectors in which the position as market leader or the advanced technology used in the manufacture of our products may give the competitive position. The company operates through six divisions and nine production plants and is supported by a network of commercial departments, subsidiary companies and by agents.

CUSA have more than 25 technicians in its R&D department; technicians that are committed to the development of new technologies which will improve the processes our customers have in their different applications. In the last 20 years the R&D department has been committed to the promotion of clean technologies to help move towards a cleaner and environmentally friendly production process. More recently, CUSA has developed a new range of vegetal polyesters which are hugely environmental friendly and renewable.

CROMOGENIA-UNITS produce a big range of chemical products due to their active role in various markets.  7 years ago they bought an enterprise that developed concrete additive and has increased its market position by developing new superplaticisers.

CROMOGENIA-UNITS aims to develop new biosuperplasticizers by using lignin as a raw material.

In the project, CUSA will not lead any WP, however, will participate actively in:

WP3: Task 3.5. Development of superplasticizers from lignin

WP4: Task 4.3. Development of high performance Green concrete

WP5: Task 5.3 Bench-scale Green House demonstrator

WP6: Sustainability, energy and techno-economical evaluation